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Race Team Director

How Do I Join the Race Team?

 Click HERE to read more about our AWESOME Junior Team


  • Join the NWCC Club and hang with us for a few months

    • maybe riding at Zube Park at the Club ride on a Saturday
    • come to the first Tuesday meetings at the shop
    • do you like us? Click here to join NWCC


  • Volunteer at a few events

    • NWCC races, fundraisers.
    • You cannot volunteer until you join the club!
    • Get used to it – this is how we manage to stay in operation


  • After 6 months as a Club member you can apply to join the RT

    • But first, show up at a few races – race and see how it works
    • Figure out some initial race goals
    • Talk to the Race Team Director and figure out a plan
    • If you are an experienced racer – we can skip much of this, but we still need to figure out how best to bring you in and if it is a good fit.


  • Join the RT provisionally

    • Get an annual USA Cycling license – this is a pre-requisite for all sanctioned bike racing in the Nation
    • Join the team Facebook pages – find out what’s going on
    • Try a few races if you are new – new racer induction courses,  race Cat 5 if you are a man, Cat 4 for women, Junior 10-14 or Junior Open for youth
    • Race Team has volunteer requirements - you must accept these before becoming a full member


 Check out the link under "About Us" on the menu for more information on NWCC Race Team.