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One of the signature ongoing commitments of the Club is to develop junior talent and bring them through the system to be the very best racer they can be. NWCC offers a coached junior program that covers all disciplines, yet recognizes the track program as being the single most valuable element to launching a junior racer. This renowned program is open to all junior members of the Club, yet regular participation in the coached program is required to remain a team member. 

Over the years this program has developed numerous State and National champions and college scholarships, and most recently it’s first Tour de France participant!

We have been #1 Junior team in Texas for many years. 

The earliest age to start with the NWCC Junior team is around 8-9 years old - young racers will typically start racing in the year they turn 10, in the Junior 10-14 category.

Juniors joining the program should expect to participate in the coached velodrome program which runs on Tuesday/Thursaday April to October, with racing on Friday nights and further races on certain weekends. Off-season, juniors will continue to follow a program centered on indoor workouts – as a group or done individually, reporting progress to the junior coach.  

A common question is why we focus so much on the track cycling element. Why do we emphasize the velodrome?

It is where juniors learn to ride safely and develop a riding and racing intuition that they can take to any cycling discipline and use for the rest of their cycling lives. The system is proven. Although it may at first seem hazardous to let your junior racer take on a banked circuit on a bike with no gears or brakes, coaches and experts in the field will tell you that it is there your junior will really learn the art of how to ride a bike. How to pedal with a reliable cadence, how to accelerate, how to follow a racing line and ride safely in a pack and respond to the unexpected. Secondly, many parents underestimate the amount of time-in-saddle needed as a racer – and this is where the velodrome again helps. Being out on the roads in Houston after school is sadly not yet able to be accomplished without substantial risk. The velodrome however provides a traffic-free space where juniors can work out free of cars and develop the power and endurance needed to succeed. Yes, the velodrome is where you come to really learn how to ride a bike (sorry, triathletes).

  • Road racing

    • Our juniors will typically be found many Saturdays and Sundays riding on the road. It is important to note that all Juniors must be under a parent’s supervision on the road at all times. The team Facebook will be used to coordinate start location, ride objectives and distance. This is particularly emphasized during the road off-season and leading into the early Texas Cup races. The season runs February through early October (State Championship).  Road Nationals take place in June. Triathletes starting to race on the road may favor the State Time Trial which takes place late May or June and is hosted by our Club.
  • Track racing

    • The season runs April through early October and features Tues/Thu evening practices, local races on many Friday nights, plus Texas Cup racing on Saturday and Sundays at both Alkek (Houston) and Frisco (Dallas) velodromes. Occasional track camps take place out of State and the team typically has racers at Junior Track Nationals.
  • Cyclocross racing

    • The season gets underway starting August and wraps up in State by early December, with National championships early January. 
  • MTB racing

    • There are three main series in Texas (State, Marathon and Challenge). MTB racing is somewhat detached from the other disciplines in their training schedule. The Club hosts numerous Mountain Bike practice days at local facilities as well as at the Club’s MTB trail at Huntsville State Park. 
  • Volunteering

    • The Junior team runs on the volunteer effort of its members and parents. Without a give-back to the Club the operation of the team would not be possible. Prior to joining the Junior race team, prospective families should review and commit to volunteering and doing a realistic assessment of the time involved and coordination with other activities. Cycling does not share well with other interests!


Junior team pre-requisites:

  • USAC Racing license attached to Northwest Cycling Club for all disciplines
  • Race Team Director and Coach endorsement to participate
  • Behavior in accordance with the requirements laid out in the Race Team Manual


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